Master the Nikon D800, D810, Df, D4 and D4s - In Depth 2

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Washington, DC 12-OCT-2013 Steve Simon $224 $254 Sold out

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Join us as we go into the advanced functions of the D800, D810, Df, D4 and D4s to further unlock the potential of these incredible professional cameras in our brand-new curriculum.

There is so much more to the D800/Df/D4 than we can cover in our In Depth Day 1 workshop that we felt the need to build this second day curriculum to fully exploit the power of these professional tools.

The In Depth 2 workshop builds on the D800/Df/D4 In Depth 1 workshop and we spend a full day reinforcing essential core concepts and learning more D800/Df/D4 operations not covered on day 1. One of the primary goals of the In Depth 2 class is to help participants customize their cameras for their own shooting style. For example, we show how to set up the menus and the programmable buttons (AE-L, AF-ON, Preview, Func) for sports or landscapes or portraits or wildlife or whatever it is you like to photograph.

We delve deeper into the autofocus system and menu items that can speed up your response times so you don't miss the shot. We aim to show you how to customize your Nikon D800/Df/D4 for just about any shooting situation! By the end of this second intense day, you'll have your D800/Df/D4 configured as the professional tool it was designed to be.

The Nikonians Academy runs two days of D800/Df/D4 workshops, called In Depth 1 and In Depth 2. We've designed the In Depth 1 workshop to teach everything you need to know in order to create a beautiful photograph (exposure, AF, metering, etc.). The In Depth 2 workshop takes you through everything required to customize your camera for your own shooting style. We program menu banks for typical shooting scenarios and also learn about advanced features such as timelapse, multiple exposures, non-CPU lenses, and movie settings.

This course is packed with information that you can use immediately. We guarantee that you'll not only learn how to better use your Nikon D800, Df and D4, but you'll also learn to be a better photographer.

Our workshops are small (15 or less) so that we can spend a significant amount of time learning the cameras as well as answering individual questions. We guarantee that you'll learn more about your D800/Df/D4 in this workshop than you ever thought was possible.

In our workshops, you will "Hear it. See it. Do it." so that you come away from the day with the most incredible learning experience you've ever encountered.

Photographers who have come to our previous workshops tell us time and time again that our classes are the best they've ever attended. Try it out for yourself. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied and that you'll learn techniques that will greatly improve your photography.

To put it simply: our workshops are the best available anywhere.

  • You will learn

    • More Autofocus
    • More Picture Controls
    • Saving and storing WB values
    • WB in studio, travel
    • WB Presets
    • Bracketing system
    • Optimize Image settings
    • Color space
    • Image Overlays
    • Multiple Exposures
    • Interval Timer
    • Configuring the FUNC button for real world shooting
    • Configuring the Preview button
    • Configuring the AE-L/AF-L button
    • Customizing Shooting Banks
    • Using Non-CPU lenses
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • Nikon D800, D810, Df, D4 and D4s
    • One lens
    • Fully charged battery for your camera (two are better)
    • Memory Card
    • A strong desire to learn
  • Optional

    • Your own laptop
    • Extra lenses
    • Flash
    • Other camera gear
  • What is provided

    • Instructional materials
    • Direct learning from Nikonians Academy pro instructors in an intensive hands-on environment
    • Reduced size class for personalized attention to your needs, regardless of skill level
  • Venue Information


Don't let this great opportunity slip by! -- Start time: 8:00 am - End time: 5:00 pm


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12-OCT-2013 Steve Simon $224 $254 Sold out

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