Creating HDR Photographs - 2 Day Workshop

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Seattle 29-OCT-2009 Winston C. Hall $349 $379 Sold out

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Spend two days learning HDR photography on location and in the digital darkroom.

What's the next big thing in digital photography? High Dynamic Range photography is one of the hottest techniques in the digital photography realm.

HDR photography gives the photographer complete control over extreme exposure range scenes that would otherwise be impossible to capture with a single image.

This workshop is your opportunity as Nikonian Photographer to learn how to set up, capture and create HDR images.

The approach for this workshop is unique by offering two full days of interactive instruction, hands on shooting and immeasurable HDR experience.

It is designed to demystify the HDR process and teach you how to have total control over the dynamic range of both your scene and final image.



This two-day workshop is organized around three specific sections.

1. Setting Up Your Camera

i. Proper set up for an HDR shoot

ii. Choosing the correct exposure mode

iii. Bracketing digital images - Tips and Techniques

iv. HDR Exposure metering techniques

v. Tripod

2. Capturing HDR Images

i. Selecting HDR scenes

ii. Capturing bracketed exposures

iii. How to meter a HDR scene

iv. Composition Tips and Techniques

v. Live View (D300, D700 and D3) techniques

3. Creating HDR Images

i. Analyzing and selecting bracketed exposures

ii. Using Photomatix to generate and tone map HDR images

iii. Using Capture NX 2 to polish tone mapped images

iv. Photomatix and Capture NX 2 workflow

v. Converting 32 bit TIFF images to NEF RAW files


  • You will learn

    • Content 45%
    • Motivational 15%
    • Field Activity 25%
    • Group Interaction 15%
    • Understanding the interaction between:
    • a digital camera's dynamic range and
    • a scene's dynamic range
    • Identifying the Contrast of Brightness and
    • Contrast of Color
    • Using Photomatix software to create HDR images
    • Using Photomatix Detail Enhancer
    • Tone compressor and Exposure Blending
    • Creating photo-realistic HDR effect images
    • Creating surrealistic HDR effect images
    • Creating Pseudo-HDR images from a single NEF RAW file
    • HDR workflow sequencing for Tone Mapping
    • Using Photomatix to enhance low-contrast scenes
    • Using Nikon Capture NX 2 software ...
    • to polish the HDR image created by Photomatix
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • Nikon DSLR Camera
    • Wide-angle lens in the 14mm to 35mm range
    • Medium telephoto or Zoom lens in the 75mm to 200mm range
    • Sturdy Tripod
    • Minimum of two 4GB or 8GB Compact Flash Cards
    • Laptop Computer with a minimum of 2GB of ram (4GB is better)
    • Photomatix software (trial version is acceptable)
    • Nikon Capture NX 2 version 2.1.1 (trial version is acceptable)
    • A Compact Flash card reader to download images to the laptop
  • What is provided

    • Take home hard copy training materials
    • Complete HDR workflow outline
    • Hands-on shooting experiences
    • Completed HDR Images at the end of the workshop
  • Venue Information

    • Bellevue Coast Hotel
    • 625 116th Avenue Northeast
    • Bellevue, Washington 98004
    • Phone: 425-455-9444, 1-800-716-6199
    • Fax: 425-455-2154
    • 425-455-2154


Learn state of the art HDR imaging in a small group environment where all your questions get answered


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