Master Photography Technique: Fine Art Photography

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Master Your Photography - Make your photos a work of art. Increase the WOW factor in your travel, nature and portrait photos in this 2-day workshop.

We will cover the artistic elements that go into making a photograph as well as the key technical aspects of your cameras and lenses. Much emphasis is placed on recognizing the quality of light, element of time, point of view and photographic design and composition. All while exploring your personal style and subject matter.

We strongly encourage experimentation, new ideas and techniques to stretch your image making and imagination. We'll be in the field taking photographs during this workshop and continuously working towards creating beautiful Fine Art pieces that you can be proud of. Our goal is to help you find new ways of seeing photographically.

Come along to help mentally focus your photographic approach and discover your personal point of view. Let us help you build a bridge between the artistic and technical worlds of photography.

This workshop will also include portfolio reviews, so bring a few of your images that you are willing to discuss with Nikonian master photographer Darryll Schiff.

Our Fine Art workshops are a combination of a few elements:

1. Learning about fine art and what constitutes fine art. We'll be studying the fine art masters as well as looking at your own artistic vision.

2. Field work and photography on day one and day two with the class participants. Our goal is to shoot your own fine art and create work that meets your artistic vision.

3. Daily critique with the instructor of each student's photographs.

4. Camera technique, setup, and methods. We'll be covering the practical and hands-on camera setups that go into creating artistic photographs.

  • You will learn

    • How to become a Better Photographer
    • Composition, Design, Framing
    • Quality of light
    • Advanced pro techniques
    • The Art of Seeing
    • What makes a photo a work of art
    • The Art of Photography
    • Historical perspectives on fine art
    • Camera settings
    • Using Photoshop & Capture NX to create fine art
    • Software's role in fine art
    • Techniques for creating fine art
    • How to recognize your own personal style
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • Camera
    • Lens (medium zoom)
    • Digital memory card
    • Fully charged batteries and spares
    • Laptop computer (not mandatory, but recommended)
    • CF card reader or USB cable
    • Sack lunch or money for food
    • Tripod
    • Pencil or Pen
    • Your images/prints for a portfolio review
    • A strong desire to learn!
  • Optional

    • Second camera body
    • Macro lens
    • Telephoto lens
    • Wide angle lens
    • Flash equipment
    • Specialized filters
    • Specialized lenses (fisheye, PC, etc.)
    • Other photographic tools you'd like to experiment with
  • What is provided

    • Coffee
    • Free Instructional materials
    • Direct learning from Nikonian pro instructors in an intensive hands-on environment
    • Reduced size class for personalized attention to your needs, regardless of skill level.
  • Venue Information

      Please check your venue by specific city area location.


Come along for an exciting workshop. We'll make you a much better photographer in just 2 days! Instead of "That's a nice snapshot", your friends will say "WOW! That's a work of art" Start time: 9:00 AM End Time: 5:00 PM


Master Photography Technique: Fine Art Photography workshops are provided in the following locations:

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Chicago 23-JUN-2007 Darryll Schiff $399 $429 Sold out
San Francisco 08-SEP-2007 Darryll Schiff $399 $429 Sold out
Los Angeles 29-SEP-2007 Darryll Schiff $399 $429 Sold out
Atlanta 03-NOV-2007 Darryll Schiff $399 $429 Sold out

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