The Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop 2013

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Two amazing itineraries. Two workshop options. One flat $495 price for either or both workshops.

Join us for two or four weeks aboard the 836-passenger MV Explorer, a former luxury ocean liner that has been transformed into the floating campus of the Semester at Sea global study abroad program, as we cruise to ports throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Days at sea are spent in one of the ship’s classrooms learning about travel photography concepts, approaches & applications through educational lectures, round-table discussions and extensive case studies, all led by two globe-trotting professional travel photographers.

When the ship drops anchor in port, workshop participants head out to apply the methods and techniques learned in the classroom through both individual & group photo assignments, along with instructor-led and guided designated photo walks in specific ports of both itineraries.


Workshop Registration takes place simultaneously with ship passage registration.

On the registration form, there is an option to register for the Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop. Simply check the box on the Semester at Sea form and you are automatically registered.


Registration for the workshop & voyage is done via the Workshop/Voyage Registration Page.

Registration can be done via email, fax, phone, or postal service mail. There is no online registration option.

The registration page is pre-filled with the group name for the workshop

Be sure to select which of the three segments of the voyage you wish to register for via the selections on the top-right corner of the registration page

The Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop group rate is based on a standard cabin class, at the group rate of $1499, based on double-occupancy. For information on cabin class upgrades, visit the Enrichment Voyages website for more information. (Note that publicly listed rates do not reflect our group rate discount.)

Contact Enrichment Voyages at 877.224.0797 for further details about cabin class & group rates.

Be sure to state that you are part of the Nikonians “Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop” to ensure you receive our special group rate.

To download the PDF registration form for the Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop and voyage registration, click HERE.

Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop, Segment 1: April 26 - May, 11 2013.

Title: In Search of the Mystical Image, lessons in documentary & cultural photography.

Workshop Topics

This segment of the workshop will focus on the topic of travel photography, in relation to photographing people, places and culture.

Work Like a Travel Pro

- On-Location Environmental Portraiture

- Natural vs. Flash Lighting: Time, Place & Technique

- How to Research & Find the Shots

- Shooting the Full Travel Package: People, Places and Culture

- Landing the Travel Photography Assignments

- The Business of Travel Photography

- Multi-Media Production

- Post-Production Workflows & Editing

Voyage Itinerary

- Barcelona, Spain: Voyage Embarkation on April 26

- At Sea: April 27

- Monte Carlo, Monaco: April 28

- Livorno (Florence), Italy: April 29 – 30

- At Sea: May 1 – 2

- Cadiz, Spain: May 3 – 4

- Casablanca, Morocco: May 5 – 6

- At Sea: May 7

- Lisbon, Portugal: May 8

- At Sea: May 9 – 10

- Le Havre, France: Voyage Debarkation May 11

Workshop Schedule

This segment of the workshop will strike an even balance between classroom lecture and in-the-field shooting. The in-the-field shooting will be led by both instructors.

- April 26: Board the MV Explorer in Barcelona, Spain

- April 27: On-ship in class from 9am – Noon, 1:30-4:30pm

- April 28: SGP in Monte Carlo, Monaco

- April 29: SGP in Livorno (Florence), Italy

- April 30: Instructors-led photo lesson in Livorno, Italy

- May 1-2: On-ship in class from 9am – Noon, 1:30-4:30pm

- May 3-4: Instructors-led photo walk in Cadiz, Spain (either day)

- May 5-6: Instructors-led photo walk in Casablanca, Morocco

- May 7: On-ship in class from 9am – Noon, 1:30-4:30pm

- May 8: SGP/Instructors-led photo walk in Lisbon, Portugal

- May 9: On-ship in class from 9am – Noon, 1:30-4:30pm

- May 10: Open Day

May 11: Debarkation from the ship in Le Havre, France

Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop, Segment II: May 12 - 25, 2013

Title: Discovering the Decisive Moment, in street photography and photojournalism.

Workshop Topics

This segment of the workshop will focus on the topic of street photography & photojournalism, via an itinerary that puts us right in the geographical & historical heart of the genre.

- History of Street Photography & Photojournalism

- Getting into the Mindset of a Street Photographer

- The Power of Observation and Subtlety

- Capturing the Decisive Moment

- Legal Issues: What You Can & Can Not Do

- Approach and Candor

- Technical: Gear and Lenses

- Museum Visits

- Marketing & Gallery Shows

Voyage Itinerary

- Le Havre, France: Voyage Embarkation on May 12

- At Sea: May 13

- Antwerp, Belgium: May 14 – 15

- Amsterdam, Netherlands: May 16 – 17

- At Sea: May 18

- Leith (Edinburgh), Scotland: May 19

- At Sea: May 20

- Belfast, Northern Ireland: May 21

- Dublin, Ireland: May 22 – 23

- At Sea: May 24

- Dover, England: Voyage Debarkation May 25

Workshop Schedule

This segment of the workshop will have a greater concentration of lectures and lessons in-the-field at each port stop, with less time on-ship in the classroom.

The in-the-field lectures & shooting will be led by both instructors.

- May 12: Board the MV Explorer in Le Havre, France

- May 13: On-ship in class from 9am – Noon, 1:30-4:30pm

- May 14-15: Instructors-led photo lesson in Antwerp, Belgium

- May 16: SGP in Amsterdam, Netherlands

- May 17: Instructors-led photo lesson in Amsterdam, Netherlands

- May 18: On-ship in class from 9am – Noon, 1:30-4:30pm

- May 19: SGP/Instructors-led photo walk in Leith, Scotland

- May 20: On-ship in class from 9am – Noon, 1:30-4:30pm

- May 21: SGP/Instructors-led photo challenge in Belfast, Nor. Ireland

- May 22: Instructors-led photo walk in Dublin, Ireland

- May 23: SGP in Dublin, Ireland

- May 24: On-ship in class from 9am – Noon

- May 25: Debarkation from ship in Dover, England

About The Workshop Curriculum

The Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop (UTPW) curriculum focuses on four components:

1) Establishment of your “Shooting Game Plan” (SGP) prior to the start of the workshop, to ensure that every participant can “hit the ground running” as soon as the gangway drops in each country. This is done through instructor-coached research of topics or themes that interest you for each country on the itinerary.

Through our dedicated Facebook forum threads for every port, participants discuss with the rest of the group and the instructors their ideas and SGP, to help build on the photographic potential in each country. From shooting locations, reference web sites and travel documents, to joint group trips to various destinations, these required pre-planning steps and forum discussions are integral to the success of the workshop experience for each participant.

It is guaranteed that if one chooses to simply walk off the ship and photograph what they find, discover or see, the workshop will prove to be un-educational. A tactic as such is nothing more than a tourist viewpoint and the workshop will become nothing more than just a vacation. In short, in order to the get the most out of the Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop, you need to have a SGP.

2) Full days of classroom instruction focus on travel photography, cultural sensitivity, people photography, street photography, adapting a visual thinking approach to your photography, multi-media story-telling, slideshow production and more. Each of the daily lectures are structured for the next port(s) on the itinerary, allowing each lecture topics and port experiences to build on the next.

3) The classroom instruction is integrated into each port, where you get to apply and experience the various methods, techniques and approaches of travel photography. In country, all participants head out to implement their “Shooting Game Plan (SGP)” combined with in-the-field application of the theories, methods and approaches of photography discussed in the classroom.

Coupled with the classroom lecture, in certain designated ports, your instructors conduct hands-on shooting sessions, providing working examples of travel photography, street photography, cultural sensitivity, people photography and lighting. In addition, your instructors make themselves available for assistance, coaching, technical support and advice outside of the classroom lectures and the hands-on, in-port shooting session.

4) Every evening the ship leaves from a port-of-call, the entire group meets for a post-port session called “Reflections and Revelations”. This open-discussion format in the classroom allows for participants to share their port experience (both through their pictures and personal stories) in regards to application of the classroom instruction on methods, theories and approaches. Further challenges and thoughts to ponder are presented by your instructors, in preparation for the next port-of-call. This open discussion allows for all to learn from the mistakes and/or successes of one, providing for even greater experiential learning in travel photography.

About the MV Explorer Cruise Ship

The M.V. Explorer is a 590-foot-long, 25,000 ton, 7-deck vessel with full modern amenities. Originally a luxury travel ship, the vessel is now equipped as a floating university campus and one of the fastest, safest and most technologically advanced ships afloat with a top speed of 28 knots.

The M.V. Explorer includes two dining rooms, a fitness center, a pool and sundeck, spa and salon, 8,000 volume library, computer lab and Wi-Fi Internet. The ship is small and intimate when compared to the common mega-cruise ships of today, with a passenger capacity of only 800 and 200 crew members.

Click HERE to see photos of the cabin staterooms and suites that are available during the Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop.

Click HERE to see additional photos of the ship and amenities on board.

Voyage Passage Rates

An exclusive Nikonians Academy “Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop” group rate is available, starting at $1499* for standard cabin class.

This rate is based on double occupancy, for either the April 26 – May 11 segment or the May 13 – May 25 segment.

Passage rate includes your standard class cabin, cabin steward service, and three full dining meals on board the ship every day of the voyage, including while in port for those who chose to dine on-ship.

This is nearly $1000 off the standard passenger fare. That’s two weeks of workshop instruction, cabin, full meals, and port stops at 7 countries for a total cost of only $1,994*!

A special group rate for both travel segments — sailing from April 26 – May 25 — is available starting at $2594* for standard cabin class, based on double occupancy.

Regardless of which segment you register for, or both segments, the workshop fee is an additional one-time charge of only $495 for either or both segments.

Note: There is an additional third segment of the voyage, sailing from May 25 – June 16, departing from Dover, England with port stops in Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; St. Petersburg, Russia; Riga, Lativa; Copenhagen, Denmark; Hamburg, Germany; and ending in Southampton (London), England. While the Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop is not being offered during this third segment, our group rate would apply for ship passage on the third segment for those participants who choose to continue on from the second segment. For more information about the third segment, please visit the Enrichment Voyages website.

* Fares are per person, based on double occupancy. Fares are cruise-only and do not include airfare. Single Occupancy Rate = 150% of regular rate and is available for a limited number of inside and outside cabins. 3rd or 4th person in cabin with two full-fare passengers = $795. Limited cabins have capacity for a 3rd or 4th person. Children’s rate (under 17 years of age) and in a cabin with two full-fare passengers = $395.

Your Instructors

Michael A. Mariant

Michael Mariant is a travel & documentary visual journalist based in California, while his travels have taken him around the world. Following several years as a newspaper photojournalist and desk editor, Michael moved away from local and regional coverage and up to wire service photography.

For over a decade now, Michael has been a contract photojournalist for The Associated Press, responsible for coverage of the Central Coast of California along with sports and entertainment assignments in Los Angeles, notably anchoring the agency’s coverage of the Michael Jackson trial from 2003 to 2005. Coupled with his domestic photojournalism, Michael spends nearly a third of the year abroad shooting travel/documentary stock imagery along with lecturing on the topics of Cultural Sensitivity and Immersion in Travel Photography.

Michael is also the consultant and multimedia coordinator for the Semester at Sea study abroad program, providing lectures and instructions to the college students while shaping the direction of the programs multimedia efforts in video, still photography and podcasts through social media.

While still taking on editorial and Associated Press assignments, Michael has shifted his focus to DSLR cinematography projects, as well as educational travel photography workshops for Nikonians Academy and High Sierra Workshops, as well as university and industry lecture engagements so as to instruct others on the analytical, cultural and visual approaches to travel photography and cinematography.

Spencer Weiner

Spencer Weiner is an award-winning visual journalist based in Santa Barbara, California. His 30-year career has allowed him to witness history, and intimate moments in regular people’s lives; documenting everything from the impact of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, reconciliation efforts in South Africa to Modern Jazz clubs in Cairo.

“There’s no economic or sociopolitical boundary I am not interested in crossing, both as a peaceful witness and as a social advocate. I specialize in poetic, wonderfully quirky photographs; portrait, documentary photojournalism and travel. I enjoy seeing art in daily life. I judge a photograph successful if it reveals the heart of the subject, creates a reaction, helps the viewer feel something, revealing a truth, sometimes, a heart-wrenching truth. I am forever rediscovering the mythical image in my daily work.”

His images have been featured in magazines and newspapers all over the world for over 30 years, first, for the New York Times regional newspaper group, then as a freelance photojournalist for the Associated Press in Florida and Georgia, and most recently, as a Staff Multi Media Visual Journalist for the Los Angeles Times for 18 years. In 2004 he was a member of the Los Angeles Times Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News reporting of the Southern California Wildfires.

Currently, Spencer is principle of his own Photo Agency, SAW Foto, and a founding partner of JTA News photos, which specializes in Multi-Media Photojournalism, on contract with The New York Times, Getty Images and the Associated Press. Far flung recent assignments include, Australia, Japan and all points of North America. In 2011, he circumnavigated the world as staff photojournalist with the Semester at Sea/Institute for Shipboard Education. Academic Studies included Political Science and Religious Studies at Jerusalem Institute, Israel. Fine Art Photography and Photojournalism at the University of Florida. Other experience; volunteer guide for Junior League of the Blind Wilderness education programs, Waldorf Schools of North America wilderness expeditions and is a member of; National Press Photographers Association & National Eagle Scout Association.

Spencer’s website:

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Join us on our 4th Annual Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop.


The Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop 2013 workshops are provided in the following locations:

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Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop 26-APR-2013 Michael A. Mariant $0 $30 Sold out

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