Professional Lighting on Location with Nikon CLS

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Learn the secrets of professional location lighting with David Tejada.

During this two-day workshop you will learn professional techniques on how to use your shoe mounted strobes off camera.

We’ll be using the amazing Nikon SB-600’s, SB-800’s and the new SB-900’s off-camera with all sorts of light modifiers such as boxes, flags, umbrellas, snoots, gobos, etc.

We’ll cover using simple single light setups as well as complicated multiple strobe set ups.

You'll also come away knowing how to fully utilize the automated Nikon CLS as well as completely manual firing systems.

Most importantly, you will learn flash techniques that will help you produce studio quality light on location.

We’ll cover proper use of bounce techniques, umbrellas and softboxes and reflectors.

Finally, we’ll be explore using gels on our strobes to control the ambient light and using gels for effect.

We explore color temperature, ways of working with natural light and strobe, and how to mix the two effectively.

David Tejada is an amazing photographer and he also has the gift of being an amazing teacher. You will really enjoy his teaching style.

Workshop Runs from 9am - 5pm each day.

  • You will learn

    • Multiple strobe usage
    • Studio lighting
    • Location lighting
    • Proper bounce technique
    • Proper use of umbrellas
    • Proper use of softboxes
    • Learn about the Inverse Square Law and Light
    • Colored gel usage
    • Flash output level compensation
    • Blending flash with ambient light
    • Use of snoots and grids for dramatic lighting
    • Portrait lighting techniques
    • Studio light techniques
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • Nikon Digital SLR i-TTL enabled (newer than the D70 or F6 Film camera)
    • Lenses (i.e. 50mm or 85mm)
    • Your SB-600, SB-800 or SB-900 speedlight
    • Light stand if you have one with umbrella adapter
    • Fully charged battery for your camera & charger
    • Extra “AA” batteries for flash(es)
    • Digital media (memory card) and /or film
    • Card reader and/or camera USB cable
    • Camera manual
    • Flash manual
    • A strong desire to learn!
  • Optional

    • Any light modifiers you wish to practice with.
    • Extra flashes.
    • Laptop with image viewing software.
  • What is provided

    • Free instructional materials
    • David will also be bringing his own lighting equipment in order to demonstrate his techniques.
    • Direct learning from Nikonian pro instructors in an intensive hands-on environment
    • Reduced size class for personalized attention to your needs, regardless of skill level.
  • Venue Information

      Please check your venue by specific city area location.


Learn location lighting from one of today's preeminent location lighting experts.


Professional Lighting on Location with Nikon CLS workshops are provided in the following locations:

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San Diego 01-DEC-2009 David Tejada $575 $605 Sold out
San Francisco 14-MAY-2010 David Tejada $575 $605 Sold out
Boston 10-SEP-2010 David Tejada $575 $605 Sold out
Atlanta 22-OCT-2010 David Tejada $575 $605 Sold out

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