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Steve Simon Richard Hulbert
Steve Simon Rick Hulbert
Michael A. Mariant Mike Hagen
Michael A. Mariant Mike Hagen

From the Nikonians Academy News Blog:

Academy Spotlight � Africa, Texas, Sri Lanka (January 26, 2016)

Lion_Safari_SQ_120.jpgThe Nikonians Academy Tanzania photo safari is on for November 2016. This marks Academy Director Mike Hagen's tenth safari to Tanzania and he keeps refining them to be better and better.

His trip focuses on northern Tanzania's national parks including Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Lake Manyara.

We still have spots available, and most people who come, bring their spouse, but we also have a lot of individual shooters attend as well.

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Hagen-Hulbert tag-team targets Texas in April (January 20, 2016)

Academy-SQ-Woodlands_Hagen_Hulbert_110.jpgWhat�s better than a Nikonians Academy instructor leading a workshop series?

Try two Nikonians Academy instructors at the same location presenting their specialties in a �pick and choose� assortment tag-team format.

That assortment includes your choice of customized training at various price ranges (depending on the subject matter and number of courses you choose) capped off with a free Photo Walk.

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Nikonians Academy Sri Lanka trip adds Dubai extension (January 12, 2016)

Academy-Dubai_SQ_120.jpgNikonians Academy Director Mike Hagen tells us he is nearing the deadline for closing enrollment on our Sri Lanka trip (beginning March 12).

Our intrepid travelers will visit quite a few national parks with amazing wildlife photography opportunities. In these parks, we've arranged transport in open-air vehicles to better photograph leopard, elephants, monkeys, birds and other wildlife.

When not photographing wildlife, our trip will focus on stunning landscapes and beautiful culture.

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Nikonians Academy Spotlight � Sri Lanka, Iceland, Tanzania (January 6, 2016)

Lion_Safari_SQ_120.jpgNikonians Academy Director Mike Hagen is highlighting his international itinerary as we begin the year 2016.

His first message of the new year points to three destinations with a popular track record of success.

We are looking for a few more intrepid souls to join us in Sri Lanka this March. Our trip is already a go, and we are really looking forward to photographing the incredible wildlife and landscapes in this island nation.

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Jim Stamates Lester Picker
Jim Stamates Lester Picker

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Colin Hocking
Colin Hocking


Featured Workshops in the Master Your Vision Series

By Michael Mariant
- Yosemite in Winter: A Season of Contrast - February, 2016

By Lester Picker
- Sri Lanka: Culture and Wildlife - March 2016

By Rick Hulbert

- Urban and Street Photography - March 2016
- Urban and Street Photography - September 2016

By Mike Hagen

- Iceland Photo and Bird Adventure - July 2016
- Czech Republic and Prague - October 2016

- African Photo Safari, Tanzania - November 2016

The Nikonians Field Event of the Year

16th Annual Nikonians Photo Adventure Trip in the Spring 2016 (ANPAT)

Death Valley Sand Dunes
Alaska Group
Architecture and Urban Photography

Master your Nikon Camera Series, coming back soon.

Master your Tools Series, also coming back soon.

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Urban and Street Photography Workshop

How to photograph built environments including architecture and other places for people.

Urban environments comprise the most diverse, target-rich places to photograph . . . anywhere. Most photos contain a “subject” within a setting or background. The cool reality is that Buildings and Urban Places can be both subjects and/or settings. Think about all the images you have made or will make in the future that contain buildings as the featured subject or as backgrounds to a myriad of other photo subjects . . . like people and their activities....

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Sri Lanka: Culture and Wildlife

Join us for a trip to one of Asia's premiere photo destinations.

March 12-23, 2016...

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Gift Vouchers

A friend, your hubby or yourself want to attend a Nikonians Academy Workshop, however you may not know which one, where or when.


Yet, you would like to gift a present now.


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Galapagos Photography Adventure - 2016

Join us for the photo trip of a lifetime on a custom expedition yacht to one of Earth's most treasured locations

Trip Dates...

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African Photo Safari, Tanzania - November 2016

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime to photograph Africa's amazing wildlife and landscapes. 11/4/16 - 11/15/16.

We'll be photographing the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire and at private luxury tent camps throughout Northern Tanzania. All with private Land cruisers, professional wildlife guides, catered meals and excellent accommodations. Yes, it is a long ways off, but start planning now for the trip of a lifetime! We are limiting the size to 12 participants and this number includes your Tour Leader....

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Iceland Photo and Bird Adventure - Summer 2016

Join the Nikonians Academy for an incredible journey to the land of Fire and Ice.

Our trip runs from July 17-24, 2016. During our journey, we'll photograph some of the most amazing scenery and wildlife Iceland has to offer. From verdant rolling hills to rugged mountains, the landscapes of Iceland are famous for their interplay between light and sky. We've also included a few photo sessions with some famous bird populations to stoke your wildlife photography passions....

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16th ANPAT Spring - Redwoods and Sea Stacks

Come with us to celebrate the 16th year of the Annual Nikonians Photography Adventure Trip (ANPAT) in the Spring, the Nikonians event of the year, this time in the splendor of the Pacific coast for a full week of photography, shop talk and camaraderie.

Join Nikonians founders Bo Stahlbrandt (bo) and J. Ramon Palacios (jrp), with ANPAT Leader Eric Bowles (ericbowles), in this target-rich region for splendid photography opportunities....

Learn more about this workshop


Czech Republic and Prague

The Best of Bohemia in 8-Days


Learn more about this workshop


The Woodlands Texas Workshops

Join Mike Hagen and Rick Hulbert in The Woodlands, Texas for five days of top-notch photography workshops.


The Woodlands, Texas - April 5-9, 2016


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