Master Advanced Digital Imaging Workflow

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Take advantage of a $100 USD Early Bird rebate when buying your workshop at least a month in advance. (Details below under 'What is provided') With Nikonians Image Doctors Rick Walker and Jason Odell, and Nikonians Academy Director Mike Hagen, we take your workflow and inkjet printing to the highest level with this four-day workshop.

You’ll be able to take what you learn from this workshop and immediately create your own works of art, regardless of what software or printer you use

The Nikonians Academy concept for teaching digital workflow takes an easy, yet comprehensive approach with two main goals. First, instead of "work" it makes it a streamlined, simplified, repeatable "no-pain, no-frustration" process. Second, it will lead you into elation.

We cover image editing methods using the newest software from Adobe, Nikon, Phase One, Nik Multimedia, Apple and others as needed by students attending.

We cover digital hardware such as monitors, profiling and calibration.

We go into great detail to show you how to make the finest inkjet prints that are worthy of museum display.

You will have full access to our printing lab and will be able to make unlimited large-format prints during the course of the four days.


Introduction to workflow

General approach



Printer setups

Camera setups

Color space

Printing Lab

Nikon Capture NX workshop phase 1

Photoshop workshop phase 1

Output to printer

Printing Lab

Nikon Capture NX workshop phase 2

Photoshop workshop phase 2





Media choices

Printing Lab

Black and White printing

Black and White conversions in software

Asset management (Lightroom,

Expression Media, Others)

Printing wrap-up

Printing Lab

  • You will learn

    • The best methods for digital workflow
    • The best image preparation techniques
    • Setting proper color preferences in your software
    • HDR imaging and printing
    • Plugins
    • Profiles
    • Calibration
    • Paper types
    • Monitor choices
    • Printer choices
    • RIPs (Raster Image Processors)
    • Photoshop usage
    • Soft Proofing
    • Nikon Capture NX usage
    • Digital imaging process (from start to finish)
    • Recommended workflow
    • Color management
    • Adobe RGB vs. sRGB
    • RAW conversion
    • Sharpening
    • Resampling (uprezzing, downrezzing)
    • Color correction
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • Bring a number of digital images you’d like to work on and edit
    • Load images on a CD-ROM, thumb drive or CF card
    • Camera (so we can go through camera setups and make test shots)
    • You won’t require a laptop, but having one is highly encouraged
    • If you are bringing your laptop, then make sure you have your favorite image editing program loaded (Photoshop or Capture NX or Lightroom or Corel, etc.)
  • Optional

    • You won’t require a laptop, but having one is highly encouraged
    • If you are bringing your laptop, then make sure you have your favorite image editing program loaded (Photoshop or Capture NX or Lightroom or Corel, etc.)
  • What is provided

    • Workstations
    • Cutting edge workflow and editing software
    • Large format HP inkjet printers (printing lab)
    • Unlimited printing
    • DataColor calibration tools
    • Personal instruction in a small classroom
    • A $100 rebate coupon to purchase online a HP B9180 13"x19" Pro Photo Inkjet Printer
    • When buying this workshop a month in advance, redeem your $100 Early Bird discount voucher at checkout as follows:
    • For April 10, 2008, San Francisco CA
    • Enter voucher code: Advanced-Workflow-April
    • For June 12, 2008, Dallas TX
    • Enter voucher code: Advanced-Workflow-June
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      Please check your venue by specific city area location.


Stop frustration! Everything you want to know about digital workflow, from RAW to inkjet printing, is covered in this amazing 4-day workshop. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Master Advanced Digital Imaging Workflow workshops are provided in the following locations:

City Area Date Instructor Price (Member) Price (Non-Member)
San Francisco 10-APR-2008 Mike Hagen $1100 $1130 Sold out
Dallas 12-JUN-2008 Mike Hagen $1100 $1130 Sold out

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