Master Travel & Documentary Photography

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Discover your world - wherever that might take you!

For photographers, the best camera is the one they just used and the one they want to buy next. The same goes for photographers that like to travel: the best country to visit and photograph is the one you just visited and the one you want to go to next. But we tend to overlook where we are at the moment: home.

When photographers travel to a new place outside of their ‘safety zone' they are immersed in a sensory overload from their surroundings. Everything is a ripe photo opportunity. Learn how to harness that overzealous ambition and create stunning images abroad and at home.


This workshop, taught by Nikonians faculty member Michael A. Mariant, who is the consultant and coordinator for travel and multi-media photography for the Semester at Sea study-abroad program, takes an exhaustive look at refining the approach to travel, documentary and street photography. You will examine the myths that run rampant in travel photography, analyze the mindset of photographers in a foreign place and learn how to apply that mindest to the familiar. Every person you see, from Helsinki to your hometown, has a story. Learn to tap into that story.


  • You will learn

    • The differences of the travel mindsets
    • How to overcome the common hurdles
    • How to handle the perceptions we project
    • How to balance privacy with sincerity
    • Where to draw the line
    • How to go from being observed ..
    • to being the observer
    • How to keep your 'photographic respect'
    • How to avoid it from becoming exploitation
    • To understand the cultural sensitivity needed ......
    • to capture the powerful images
    • How to completely avoid culture shock
    • How to instantly assimilate yourself ....
    • into your surroundings
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • Your camera
    • Lenses (from wide angle to medium telephoto)
    • Laptop (optional -not indispensable) ......
    • .. to do on-site editing of images from in-the-field exercises
  • What is provided

    • Guidance by our professional photography instructor
    • Training materials from the workshop
    • Photo opportunities
    • Testing and experiencing workshop instruction methods and results
  • Venue Information

      Please check your venue by specific city area location.


Learn to become a better travel photographer while perfecting your visual skills. Surprise everyone!


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