Master Visual Thinking

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Seeing Beyond the Viewfinder

Master the approach to finding dynamic photography and get ready to begin an exploration into conscious camerawork. You will discover how to utilize an open-minded, creative approach to photography that breaks stereotypical barriers and methodology. You are on the cusp of that first mind-boggling step -transcending the process of taking pictures into the powerful documented art of observation.

Are you feeling stuck? Does it seem that your pictures just aren't ... there yet? It's like you can see a good photograph but you just can't capture that moment like you saw it? Now is the time to break through those barriers and free yourself to explore and capture what has previously felt out of reach.


This workshop, taught by Nikonians faculty member Michael A. Mariant, who is the consultant and coordinator for travel and multi-media photography for the Semester at Sea study-abroad program, will help shatter the mold of what a photographer has been taught to see and do which in turn will elevate your awareness of your surroundings and practice the art of observation.

You will expand your photographic visions in a surprisingly easy and refreshing way with discussions, mental photo exercises and field assignments. In-depth analysis of contemporary approaches in photography will be analyzed then breaking down each one, dispelling its myths and finally releasing you from the constraining binds that hold you back. You will walk away with reinvigorating energy and fresh insights into taking dynamic photos.




  • You will learn

    • How to move beyond that wall that keeps you .....
    • from getting the photos you really want to produce!
    • Shattering the mold that has prejudiced your view....
    • of what photography is supposed to be
    • Understanding the 'rules' of photography ....
    • and what rules can be broken
    • Exploration into the concept of open awareness ..
    • of your surroundings
    • To apply receptivity and spontaneity into your images....
    • How to practice your new-found discovery methods....
    • into all of your photographic experiences
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • Your camera
    • ONE single lens of choice ..
    • anywhere in the 16-150mm focal range, ...
    • either a zoom or, preferably, a fixed-focal length
    • Laptop (optional) to do on-site editing of images
  • What is provided

    • Guidance by our professional photography instructor
    • Training materials from the workshop
    • Photo opportunities to test and experience the ...
    • workshop instruction methods and results
  • Venue Information

      Please check your venue by specific city area location.


Break through your visual barriers and become a better photographer. Surprise yourself!


Master Visual Thinking workshops are provided in the following locations:

City Area Date Instructor Price (Member) Price (Non-Member)
San Francisco 12-JUL-2009 Michael A. Mariant $179 $209 Sold out

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