Timelapse Photography - Going Beyond the Basics Workshop - San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA 20-SEP-2013 Michael A. Mariant $695 $745 Sold out

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From cable cars to bustling waterfronts to rolling fog over the Golden Gate Bridge, no where else is there a better place to learn and understand the technique of timelapse photography than in San Francisco during this intensive 3-day workshop.

Workshop Dates: September 20 - 22, 2013

What You Will Do...

The workshop schedule for this three-day workshop is a different than typical technical workshops in that much of the instruction takes place in the field, in order to fully "read" the scene in order to learn how to calculate the correct sequence methods.

Day 1

Following a breakfast orientation, we go directly into the field to begin practical testing and assessments – in real time - of timelapse sequence settings and the steps to ascertain rate vs. speed of motion. Additional initial topics include camera and exposure settings relevant to timelapse photography. Following a lunch break, technical instruction in the sequencing of images is performed before a mid-afternoon shooting session block for each workshop attendee at two of the pre-determined locations on the shot list. Prior to the dinner discussion, all attendees regroup to sequence and assess their two timelapse locations during a group critique. Following dinner, set-up and parameters of sunset procedures are reviewed prior to group outing to sunset location for a long-form timelapse.

Day 2

Following breakfast is a group review of the previous evening's sunset timelapse sequences as well as sunrise sequences. Before the late morning to mid-day individual shooting block is a review and hands-on demo of accessory equipment to incorporate motion into timelapses, as well as tilt-shift options. A critique and review of the late morning and mid-day shooting sessions precedes a video editing workflow and techniques for post-production modifications of sequences. Post-dinner set-up of sunset location time-lapse, along with visual alternate options for sunrise locations.

Day 3

Following breakfast is a group review of the previous evening's sunset timelapse as well as sunrise sequences. Final editing techniques are reviewed before the last mid-day individual shooting block, followed by mid-afternoon sequencing and editing for our evening timelapse final showings at the conclusion of this packed 3-day workshop.

What You Will Learn ...

As with all Nikonians Academy Workshops, this workshop focuses not only on the 'where' to take the pictures, but also on the 'how' to take pictures, incorporating photographic education throughout the workshop at each location. By building on the previous location's techniques and lessons, this allows for culmination in comprehensive lessons.

Key to understanding how to photograph time-lapse is understanding how the finished product will look before one even starts the picture sequence. Several of the topics that are involved in timelapse, and will be thoroughly explored and exhausted, are:


Techniques, methods and approaches used with Pre-Visualization.


Sought by professional photographers to craft the powerful, final image.


Based on the concepts by the master's of photography.


Instruction in how to properly assess the motion and calculate timing intervals to ensure the smoothest, fluid sequence.


Technical instruction in gradual exposure controls during the photographic sequence to accommodate changes in ambient light so as to not reveal stepped exposure changes or a visual 'flicker'.


Review of the application of selective focus through either a specialized tilt-shift lens during photography or through the use of software during post-production.


A look at how to integrate two photographic techniques into one dramatic sequence.


Hands-on demo and application of accessory equipment, including motorized sliders, that add an additional visual element to a timelapse sequence.

Watch a time-lapse of the transit of the Panama Canal, done during the 2nd Annual Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop.

What You Will See...

Timelapse photography is an excellent visual representation of action moving at a certain rate of speed but sped up through multi-frame capture, to give a condensed view of the motion sequence. Most people recall their first experience with timelapse photography from grade school science class, watching the multi-day sequence of a flower blooming or a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon.

When utilized to capture everyday life, from the hustle and bustle to the simple events within society, we see timelapse transition from a genre not of just scientific documentary, but rather one of an art form. And in the beautiful city of San Francisco, where the hustle and bustle of society is a tourist draw … with cable cars clanging their way up and down the streets and fog pouring over the Golden Gate Bridge … the condensed scene of daily life becomes mesmerizing.

Some of the pre-determined, scouted locations workshop participants will have the opportunity to shoot:

Golden Gate Bridge, from multiple iconic angles, featuring sunset, city lights and (weather permitting) fog rolling across the deck of the bridge.

Cable Cars, from several strategic locations, providing excellent time-lapse opportunities of this San Francisco treasure as they course up and down the hills, and are turned by end at the five terminus points..

The Transamerica Pyramid, a landmark in the San Francisco skyline, photographed from several vantage points along Columbus Street.

Ghirardelli Square, home of the chocolate maker and a tourist hot-spot, adjacent to the Aquatic Park, a large grassy expanse popular with kite flyers.

Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf, another tourist hot-spot and local icon, where the bustle of the fish markets afford excellent timelapse opportunities.

Alcatraz Island, the former federal penitentiary and now open for tours.

The Palace of Fine Arts and its stunning architecture fronting a large lagoon with plenty foot paths.

Market Street, the "Main Street" of San Francisco, available from several vantage points, with heavy traffic, antique street cars and a long downhill slope to the Ferry Building at the foot of San Francisco Bay.

Golden Gate Park, a local favorite for lazy weekend days wandering through the park's 1,000 acres of greens, paths and museums.

The Haight/Ashbury district, ground central for the 60s revolution, still carries the energy and architecture of the time.

More additional locations are included on the detailed location shot list provided to all workshop participants.


The recommended airport for arrival and departure is the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Travel time from San Francisco International Airport to San Francisco is approximately 20 minutes.

Alternate airports for arrival/departure:

Oakland International Airport (OAK),

San Jose International Airport (SJC)

Driving time from nearest major city:

From Oakland to San Francisco, along Interstate 80, is approximately 35 minutes. From San Jose to San Francisco, along Highway 101, is approximately 1 hour.


For the Timelapse Photography workshop San Francisco is a major tourist destination and offers numerous resorts, hotels and motels. There is no specific hotel of choice for this workshop.


In order to balance the various individual meal and budget preferences, time is allocated for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day at one of the various dining establishments in San Francisco. While we will eat as a group, meals are the individual responsibility of each workshop participant. Each dining establishment is chosen to provide a wide variety of meal options to satisfy multiple dietary preferences.


In order to ensure availability for those on our waiting list, all workshop cancellations will have the following fees applied:

Cancellation up to and within 60 calendar days prior to workshop state date:

Full refund of workshop tuition; no cancellation fee

(Refund applied within 3 business days of cancellation notice)

Cancellation up to and within 30 calendar days of workshop start date:

Refund of workshop tuition minus $100 cancellation fee

(Refund/fees applied at conclusion of scheduled workshop; waived if workshop seat booked prior to workshop start date)

Cancellation up to and within 7 calendar days of workshop start date:

No refund of workshop tuition

(Waived if workshop seat booked prior to workshop start date with applicable refund applied at conclusion of scheduled workshop)

  • You will learn

    • Timelapse photography techniques
    • Composition
    • The four design elements
    • The painter's principle
    • Calculating exposure and timing
    • Exposure controls
    • Tilt-shift
    • High dynamic range time-lapse
    • Accessory equipment
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • Digital SLR
    • Extra batteries
    • At least one lens
    • Tripod
    • Battery chargers
    • Intervalometer for your camera if camera doesn't have this as a built-in option.
  • Optional

    • Extra lenses
  • What is provided

    • Excellent leadership from our professional photographer leaders
    • Field instruction
    • Hands-on demonstration and application of accessories such as sliders and other gear
  • Venue Information

      A venue for this workshop has yet not been locked down.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn high-end timelapse photography in beautiful San Francisco, California.


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