Video & Cinematography with your DSLR

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Unlock the power of the high-definition video features in your DSLR!

Dates: August 29 - September 1, 2013

When Nikon announced the D90 in late 2008, it heralded a bold new direction for DSLR cameras, as it was the very first to include high definition video capabilities. The video function was seen by many as an added feature, eliminating the need to have both a still camera and a video camera, but retaining the camera's primary role as a still camera. But in the cinematography world, a game-changer had been introduced...

Why? The introduction and implementation of the HD-DSLR camera is near perfect emulation of the motion picture film cameras used to make everything from commercials to documentaries to your big budget Hollywood blockbusters. And with a smaller form factor, less weight, HD capture, depth-of-field control and the crucial 24 fps, these HD-DSLR cameras have already been integrated into many productions, both big and small.

Most commercials you see on TV have been shot with HD-DSLRs, as well as several current independent and major motion picture films incorporating these cameras into their production.

Hosted by Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara, California, this allows you to jump feet-first in the HD DSLR genre at the introductory instruction level. Get hands-on demos with the myriad of accessory equipment available for the DSLR shooter, including follow focus, matte boxes, shoulder supports, sliders/dollys, monitors and more will be available from High Sierra Workshops for hands-on demo and also for field rental from Samy's Camera.

Aside from a DSLR camera that shoots HD video and a laptop to edit, there is no need to purchase ANY equipment in advance of the workshop!

Located in the beautiful coastal resort town of Santa Barbara, the workshop will introduce not only the equipment necessary for successful and dramatic HD DSLR video, but provides ample locations and subject matter to fill the short film all workshop participants will create during the four-days of instruction. From beach volleyball to sailing, surfing and fishing on the coast … to the Spanish architecture, the historic Mission and grounds, to high-end shopping in the city … to mountain biking, hiking, wineries and landscapes in the back-country, Santa Barbara has the story for you. All workshop participants will be provided with a list of suggested story ideas and resources prior to the workshop, to allow for individual research and study in preparation of four-days of instruction and shooting.

The entire workshop curriculum focuses on the start to finish, with every workshop participant learning the ins-and outs of HD-DSLRs, seeing and doing hands-on cinematography with comprehensive instruction in how to shoot video, all the while editing their own short video/documentary or landscape film for a grand finale show on the last day of the workshop.

  • You will learn

    • Technical training in the HD video format, including aspect ratios, frame rates, terminology, digital movie formats and more;
    • Comprehensive understanding of the feature set of your HD-DSLR;
    • Review & application of accessory equipment with live-view examples of each piece of equipment in action;
    • Instruction & implementation of storyboarding your own workshop film/video;
    • Review and application of the technical aspects and methods of audio capture, including formats, quality, equipment, recording methods and use/selection of background music;
    • Immersive and educational shooting sessions in-the-field, allowing for full understanding of the approach to video filming in comparison to still photography;
    • Combined classroom instruction with in-the-field examples and individual shooting schedules every day of the workshop;
    • Daily classroom critiques of the footage you have shot each day;
    • Introductory yet extensive training in video editing culminating in the production of your own short 5-10 minutes film to be shown at the end of the workshop.
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • A DSLR camera capable of shooting HD video. Also any "electronic viewfinder/interchangeable lens" cameras that shoot HD video.
  • Optional

    • A laptop computer to edit and produce your workshop short movie that will be created.
    • A card reader to download your CF card will be necessary.
    • Tripod with Video Head. Recommended:
      Manfrotto 701HDV 2-Way Pan Head
  • What is provided

    • Guidance by your workshop instructor
    • Training materials from the workshop
    • Amazing cinematography opportunities
    • Three days of instruction, hands-on shooting and in-the-field assistance, classroom critique and equipment demos, video editing instruction and support from a team of instructors
    • The workshop will begin in the classroom at 10:00 am on Friday, August 30th. (The classroom location will be provided to workshop participants in a separate email.) The workshop will conclude at 5:00pm on Sunday, September 1st. Please plan your arrival and departure flights accordingly.
    • Venue information: The recommended airport for arrival and departure is the Santa Barbara Airport (SBA). Travel time from Santa Barbara Airport to Samy's Camera, Santa Barbara is approximately 15 minutes.
    • Alternate airports for arrival/departure: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
    • Driving time from nearest major city: From Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, via the 405 freeway & Highway 101, is approximately 2 hours.
    • LODGING: The cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta are tourist destinations and offer numerous resorts, hotels and motels. There is no specific hotel of choice for this workshop.
  • Venue Information

      Please check your venue by specific city area location.


Unlock the power of the high-definition video features in your DSLR!


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