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Capture the towering cliffs and fall foliage of Yosemite with Infrared Photography in this incredible Autumn workshop.

Yosemite during the fall season is a quiet time in the park as foliage begins its change to the rich golden and red hues that characterize California's fall season.

Capture the vibrancy of Yosemite in the fall during this dedicated Infrared (IR) Photography workshop, designed with shooting sessions throughout the day interspersed with extensive specialized instruction in landscape and IR photography. This workshop focuses not only on the 'where' to take the pictures, but also on the 'how' to take pictures, incorporating photographic education throughout the workshop at each location. By building on the previous location's techniques and lessons, this allows for culmination in a comprehensive lesson in composition, modified exposure, light controls and, primarily, IR photography.

The fall season allows us to focus on specialized techniques more so than any other season. With clear skies in abundance, fall is the favorite time of year for infrared photos for Yosemite photographers. The exercises in IR photography are integrated into the workshop schedule, along with the traditional landscape photography education. See below (What to Bring) as to your IR needs.

This truly is a collaboration of extensive, comprehensive landscape photography education coupled with a dynamic location.

Note: The Yosemite in Infrared workshop fee includes lodging at Curry Village. See venue information below.


Day 1 - We begin mid-day (1:00p) with a workshop orientation at the Curry Village Lounge, detailing the workshop schedule and shooting locations, a discussion on safety, a brief history of Yosemite, and a review on shooting techniques/concerns. Following the orientation, we will depart on the park's free shuttle bus system to our first shooting location, where we will begin our instruction in infrared photography. Following this comprehensive introduction with integrated shooting in a classic, iconic location, we will move on to our sunset photographic location at a unique perspective of Bridalveil Falls. Following sunset, we will return to Curry Village for dinner and a post-dinner review of the day's work in the Curry Village Lounge.

Day 2 - Following an early breakfast, we head over to the west end of the valley to shoot the changing dogwoods, before heading down the Merced River canyon to capture early morning light amongst the river and trees, before reaching our mid-day destination of the old mining camp of Mariposa for an early afternoon of capturing the character of the 1860s mining town that has held on to all its old west charm. Mid-afternoon, we head back to the Yosemite Valley to several iconic locations for additional IR photography. In the late afternoon, we head out - and up - to Glacier Point to catch the light of the setting sun on Half Dome and the valley below, before heading back down to the valley for a later dinner, followed by an optional post-dinner review of the day's work in the Curry Village Lounge.

Day 3 - Following an early breakfast, we head up the trail to Mirror Meadow to catch the early morning light as it clears over Half Dome above us. By late morning, as the sun clears into the valley, we head down to the south side of the valley to capture the colorful trees around the Yosemite Chapel and the surrounding meadows. Following lunch, we head to the southern portion of Yosemite park, spending the afternoon at the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, with additional exercises in IR photography. Following the giant sequoias, we head to our final sunset destination - a secret and stunning locale that always leaves photographers clamoring for more time and light; a location that takes you in the footsteps of Ansel Adams and John Sexton, to a 'quiet', peaceful stretch of river that will leave you breathless - and with dynamic imagery. Following this spectacular evening finale to our workshop, we head to the Wawona Hotel for a late dinner.

Day 4 - Our final day in the Yosemite begins after the traditional early breakfast with a walk down the Merced River from Happy Isles to the famed Ahwahnee Hotel, for a final opportunity to capture the granite and foliage sights of Yosemite in the IR spectrum. The workshop will conclude at mid-day just prior to an optional final group lunch and photo review session, allowing time for everyone to make it to the airport for the return home from a rich and educational four days in Yosemite!

  • You will learn

    • Landscape and IR photographic techniques directly related to the fall conditions in Yosemite
    • Evaluative composition
    • Previsualization of final image, from exposure through post-production to presentation
    • Alternative digital processes/approaches
  • What to bring

  • Required

    • *REQUIRED*
    • - Water bottles, at least one of 24-32oz capacity. (Not bottled water but bottles that can be filled with water, such as Nalgene.)
    • - Sturdy hiking boots, light-weight long-sleeved shirts, light-weight pants, hat (ideally a wide-brimmed, no visors or ballcaps), rain or all-weather jacket. (Prepare for cool nights and warm days. Layered clothing is ideal.)
    • - Camera equipment should include the full range of lens from ultra-wide to zoom, suggested filters: polarizer filter, gradated ND filter, sturdy tripod and cable release (capable of keeping the camera shutter open longer than 30 seconds). Usually our shooting locations are far from our venue, so spare memory cards and batteries are a must.
    • - Camera: This workshop is open to all camera makes and models, both digital and film. Note the important information about Digital IR below.
    • - An IR filter that screws onto a lens is a must for traditional film and digital cameras with standard sensors. However, not all digital camera sensor respond the same to the IR wavelength. This response depends greatly on the degree of the IR-Cut Off Filter that is located in front of the sensor. The degree of this filter varies by camera and manufacturer. Most Nikon cameras older than the D300 capture the IR wavelength, but require the use of an IR filter. This screw-on filter will make for exposures that are very long. Also, the image is not as 'clean' as a dedicated IR digital camera or IR film, due to a limited IR wavelength range being captured.
    • - Another option, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, is to have an 'older' or 'dated' camera converted to a IR-only camera. This is accomplished by having it modified with the removal of the IR-cut off filter and replaced with a visible light cut-off filter over the sensor. This modification only allows IR light to pass to the sensor, therefore eliminating the need to use a screw-on IR filter. The response range with this type of conversion is similar, if not identical, to the response range of standard IR film. Options for doing the IR conversion will be posted in this workshop's dedicated forum thread. This conversion can be done by yourself, or you can send the camera in to have the work completed by a technician. Note: older Nikon cameras (that have a very low $$$ resale value) such as the D100 or the D200 are great candidates for this type of conversion. But realize this a full conversion to IR-only! Visible light (or regular pictures) will not be able to be captured after the camera is converted. The camera becomes dedicated to IR-only!
  • Optional

    • - Laptop computer/download device or hard drive for downloading cards/editing images. (This workshop will be an intensive shooting workshop with little time spent indoors at the venue. Bringing the laptop into the field while shooting is highly discouraged. Time is incorporated into the workshop schedule for download and review of images.)
  • What is provided

    • - Guidance by our professional photography instructor
    • - Training materials from the workshop
    • - Amazing photo opportunities
    • The workshop pricing includes the lodging, training and resources, but does not include food. We will be carpooling from the airport to the park, and also carpooling or using the free park shuttle to get around the valley to our shooting locations each day. The recommended airport of arrival & departure should be Fresno-Yosemite International Airport (FAT).
    • Fresno-Yosemite airport hosts several rental car companies. While not necessary, carpooling is highly recommended.
    • VENUE INFORMATION: Lodging at Curry Village is included in the workshop. All lodging units are heated, hard-wall cabins with private bath in Curry Village. Curry Village also offers a small grocery/gift shop and a outdoor gear and supplies store.
  • Venue Information

      A venue for this workshop has yet not been locked down.


Four days of Yosemite and infrared photography. You don't want to miss it!

Class size limited to 10 participants only, to maximize interaction with your instructor

Cancellation policy: If you cancel more than 30 days before the workshop, we will refund your tuition except for a $150 fee. If you cancel less than 30 days before the workshop, we will refund 50% of the tuition. If you cancel less than 7 days before the workshop, we offer no refund.


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