Winston Hall

Nikonians Academy Faculty

Winston C. Hall

His fascination with photography began at seventeen years of age when Winston received his first 35mm SLR camera. After learning how to operate the camera and shooting his first thirty-six black & white exposures he was hooked for life. His interest quickly turned to how he could use photography to express his vision of people, places and things, and so began a life long interest in photography and creative expression.

Winston’s professional photography career started with a job as a special events photographer covering fraternity and sorority parties while attending college. Following graduation, Winston was hired on full-time to photograph special events, conventions, and weddings. It was during this time that he discovered his second passion; training and development, when he was asked to train some newly hired special events photographers. Learning from this experience, he started his own special events photography business in the mid 1980’s and he hasn't stopped shooting and instructing since. Throughout his career, Winston has continued to combine his love of photography, training and business.

Today, Winston C. Hall is a professional photographer, speaker / facilitator and business owner living in the Pacific Northwest where he pursues his passion of helping people express themselves creatively through his technical and non-technical photography workshops and coaching services.

Winston believes that “expressing yourself creatively” is not an occasional way of living; it is something we do everyday. If you are planning a meeting, communicating, solving a problem or cooking a meal we are constantly expressing our creative talents. This creative expression is what makes each of us different and unique.

Learning new skills and developing new habits involves letting go of assumptions about the “way it should be” and the “ought to’s” in life, and leaping head-on into the “why not try this” and “lets see what happens” of the creative process. It means developing a mind-set of the beginner again, an amateur, and a creative image-maker. It is about expanding your way of seeing and paying attention to the images we create while developing a wonderful sense of curiosity. When a photographer develops an expanded sense of curiosity in a subject, they have begun their journey towards developing a personal style while visually responding to the world.

The Nikonians Academy is very proud to have him as a member of the faculty.

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