Michael A. Mariant

Nikonians Academy Faculty

Michael A. Mariant

Michael A. Mariant is based on California's Central Coast where for over 20 years he has explored the diverse Western States, from the mountains of the High Sierra to the plateaus of the Great Basin and the deserts to the south, capturing the stunning landscape in traditional black and white fine art prints. Coupled with his documentation of the Western landscape, Michael has worked for nearly a decade as a contract photojournalist for The Associated Press as well as shooting travel/documentary editorial assignments.

Michael spent well over ten years immersing himself in the theories and applications of photography, industry changes, and the evolving work of the photographic masters. During this time, Michael began honing his lectures on theories and processes in the realm of documentary and photojournalism and presenting them in mini-workshops for the media industry.

Raised in a family of teachers, it was natural that this Brooks Institute of Photography graduate would return years later to provide lectures on these approaches to photography. At the same time, what first started as week-long photo trips to Yosemite, Michael began his private fine art landscape workshops following a growing demand from the Brooks students. This led to encompass increasing interest from other photographers to travel to additional locations Michael had focused on, including Death Valley National Park, Lake Tahoe, and the ghost towns of the West.

When digital was taking over the film world, Michael was hand-picked by the Institute for Shipboard Education to overhaul the Semester at Sea photography program and facilitate the transition to digital. Semester at Sea takes college students on a 100-day ‘Voyage of Discovery’ around the world as they embark on an itinerary to several countries, immersing themselves in the host country’s culture for a week, all while calling a former cruise ship-turned-floating university their home. Michael implemented a myriad of changes to accommodate digital photography in the global travel environment while introducing several lectures to assist the emerging photographer, including his highly-acclaimed Visual Thinking lecture, Cultural Immersion in Documentary/Travel Photography, and Self-Editing for the Digital Photographer.

While still taking on travel and Associated Press assignments, Michael now focuses on his workshops and lecture engagements, bringing to others his analytical and visual approaches to photography while, for himself, turning it into successful and dynamic imagery from around the world and close to home.

The Nikonians Academy is very proud to have Michael A. Mariant as a member of the faculty.

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